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"6 Makeup essential to carry in your handbag."

6 Makeup essential to carry in your handbag.

There are 6 basic essential make-up items that must be in your handbag this season.

As we are towards the end of another year, it’s time to amp up that holiday glamour and make heads turn.

To help you, we’ve looked high and low for the most sought-after makeup products to stock up this festive and wedding season. And, here’s what we have settled on! So, go get your festive makeup fix, ASAP.


Primer fills the open pores in your skin and gives you a smooth base for your makeup.

Using a primer may many times seem unnecessary but when you use primer, your make-up doesn’t move whole day. The primer ensures your makeup stays no matter what you do. Primers ensure that the open pores in your skin are filled, thus providing a smooth base for the foundation to easily glide on.

A medium to full coverage foundation.

A little goes a long way with a foundation that provides medium to high coverage and it won’t make you feel cakey.

A heavy-duty foundation not only provides an even base but also hides imperfections. 

It acts as a both foundation as well as a concealer.

Eyebrow pencil/powder

It’s true that eyebrow arch makes all the difference to your face.

Surely, that great eyebrows will always make you look sharp and polished. The better the arch of your eyebrow, the better the difference it will make. If you have dark brows, use a pencil or a powder that’s slightly a shade lighter. 

Use eyebrow pencils if you just want to define the arch of your eyebrow. Use an eyebrow powder if you need help filling in the little bald spots in the brows.

Neutral eyeshadow palette

Neutral eyeshadow shadow palette can be used for an everyday subtle look too.

A neutral eyeshadow palette can go a long way in your makeup playbook. Not only use it just during the festive season but also for an everyday subtle look.

 A good neutral eyeshadow palette consists of, tones of brown, two shimmer shades and, if you’re lucky enough, a black eyeshadow too! 

Best way is to create a smokey black eye to soft brown to a shimmery neutral look. 

Eyes do a lot of the talking,thus let your eye makeup define your style.

Lipstick: Red and nude brown shade

Apply a lip balm before applying matte lipsticks as they tend to make your lips dry and chapped. 

Classic red and nude brown shade never go out of style. However, before applying a lip shade, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or a towel slightly dipped in lukewarm water so that your lips don’t appear flaky post applying the lip shade.

If you don’t want your lipstick to leave stain on the glass you are sippibg your drink, try using transfer proof matte lipstick which will go for long.


Blending is the key to applying blush.

Who doesn’t like pink rosy cheeks? 

Blush can instantly give glow and give dimension to your face by adding colour to your plain base.

Days when you don’t feel like applying makeup, go for no makeup look by just giving few swipes of blush and you are ready.

You can go for cream blushes for a softer and a dewy look.




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