“After Rashmika, Katrina Kaif Deepfake video is going viral”

Actress Katrina Kaif has grow to be the contemporary sufferer of deepfake technology and morphed image of her towel scene in Tiger three has gone viral on social media. A couple of days after Rashmika Mandanna’s morphed elevator video surfaced, an edited picture of Katrina has been making the rounds.

In the authentic scene of Tiger three, which changed into shown through the makers inside the trailer, Katrina is visible engaged in a towel-clad combat with a Hollywood actress Michelle Lee. In the now-viral edited photo, Katrina is seen in a extraordinary outfit. The actress might be seen wearing a white bikini top with plunging neckline and a matching bottom.

A deepfake refers to a sort of synthetic media, generally a video, photograph or audio recording, that has been manipulated or generated the use of AI strategies. The algorithms are used to superimpose or replace the likeness of a person in an current video or audio clip with someone else’s likeness. This may be achieved in a particularly convincing manner, making it look like the manipulated content material is actual.

On Monday, Rashmika strongly reacted to her deepfake video which went viral on social media.