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Author Sonal Srivastava : The next big name in Indian writing world is creating her own path"

“Author Sonal Srivastava : The next big name in Indian writing world is creating her own path”

Author Sonal Srivastava

Have you ever wandered around a thought with a mind-boggling curiosity and then decided to take a flight to explore the ends of it?

Have you ever had the odds in your favour just when you were convinced they would not?

Have you ever breathed a life and exhaled passion that gives you wings?

We breathe everyday, feeling nothing, only spinning in circles to realise that the sand is slipping down the hourglass smooth and fast.

Sand slips down the hourglass fast but piles on emotions that could outrun our confidence. But what if you were told, you could pause it right there and take control. Would you not give it one last try?

Fighting demons is not just her determination but passion. She aspires to tell tales untold before. 

Our hunt for respite often remains inconclusive, irrespective of our stance in life. Majority of the times we find ourselves riddled by our own situations borne out of our emotions and reactions. Solving this puzzle remains our major struggle, let alone our understanding of respite, which is often considered to befriend our peace of mind. 

Author Sonal Srivastava

Author Sonal Srivastava

While there is much said and heard, finding peace and respite has been difficult, unless we realise it is only earned, as we persistently focus on achieving our goals or resolving issues that could perhaps have a positive impact on our lives.

Featured among the selective reads you should not skip in 2021 bY OUTLOOK, Sonal Srivastava has been carving her identity as an author exploring untold tales and paving her path to uncover inspiration in every aspect of life for self growth. The author of ‘Winning Your Demons,’ and the face of Caroling Pen Publishing, Sonal Srivastava aspires to inspire passion among her readers despite the rough patches of life. Following her heart to chase her passion, this self-made woman hopes to help readers fight their inner demons.

Author Sonal Srivastava is a lady with wings that seek untouched heights to chase her dreams, and dismisses the bounds of incapabilities in this voyage. The alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhekanal has learnt to count the romance of determination and uncertainties as the most certain stepping stone toward her progress, growth, and success.

Besides publishing self-help books, Author Sonal Srivastava has also co-authored several anthologies on various aspects and emotions of life, including Petals 2020, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, and Box of Poems. She was declared the first runner-up in an anthology, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, published by Caroling Pen Publishers, and was interviewed by The Healing Radio, an Instagram-based online radio on her inspiring storyline. She was also declared the first-runner up in the India’s Top Best Poets competition organized by Swadhya Publishing House. ‘Winning Your Demons-Answer to Your Sorrows’ is her first book of poems that she had published, which talks of several negative and soul-dampening emotions that arrest our progress and limit the bounds of positive outlook on life, which could paralyze our growth. The book has garnered significant attention among readers, and was ranked as the second-best book by a reviewer on their website. Her book has received positive reviews as reflected on her Goodreads page. 

The book—Yodha of Our Times—is the second book written by Author Sonal Srivastava. It is a compilation of five fictional stories that are central to the ideology of being persistent in our efforts and channelling our negativity to motivation. The book highlights the unsung heroes of our society that in their capacity and through efforts attempt to influence the perception of people and their mindset positively. The stories are narrated in poetic verses and are inspired from real life instances, encouraging readers to find the Yodha within themselves.

Through this book, the Author Sonal Srivastava has highlighted the aspects of our life and experiences that could help us grow only if we allow our minds to venture the scope of possibilities for resolving issues beyond the walls created by our notion of helplessness. If not everything, this read would definitely offer much inspiration, hope, and positive perspective on life. She was recently interviewed in an online radio station, Radio Vrishti, pertaining to her book, as well as her source of inspiration to chase her passion.



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