Bigg Boss 17: Housemates fail miserably in the first ration task, Bigg Boss cancels it

The first ration task of Bigg Boss 17 was a physical task where the housemates had to compete in teams to gather as much ration as possible. The task was divided into two rounds, and the team with the most ration at the end of each round would win.

In the first round, the housemates had to run to a store room and grab as many ration items as they could in one minute. However, they were only allowed to carry one item at a time, and if they dropped anything, they had to start over.

The second round was a bit more challenging. The housemates had to stand on a platform and catch ration items that were being thrown at them. If they missed an item, it would fall to the ground and be out of the game.

The task was supposed to be a test of the housemates’ teamwork and coordination, but it quickly turned into a chaotic mess. The housemates started pushing and shoving each other, and many of them dropped their ration items.

Bigg Boss was clearly disappointed with the housemates’ performance. He stopped the task halfway through and told them that they had failed. This means that the housemates will not receive any rations this week.

Which team won the task?

Since the task was cancelled, no team won.

Why was the task cancelled?

The task was cancelled because the housemates were not following the rules and were not working together as a team.

What do the housemates think about the task?

The housemates were disappointed that they failed the task, but they also admitted that they made mistakes. They promised Bigg Boss that they will do better next time.

What do the viewers think about the task?

Many viewers were disappointed that the task was cancelled, but they also understood why Bigg Boss did it. They felt that the housemates were not following the rules and were not being fair to each other.

Overall, the first ration task of Bigg Boss 17 was a disaster. The housemates failed to follow the rules and work together as a team, which resulted in the task being cancelled.