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"Bigg Boss OTT 2: Jiya Shankar mixes hand wash in Elvish Yadav's glass of water, the latter says 'Yeh toh zeher deke maar de mujhe'"

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Jiya Shankar mixes hand wash in Elvish Yadav’s glass of water, the latter says ‘Yeh toh zeher deke maar de mujhe’

Despite mixing the hand wash in Elvish’s glass of water, Jiya refused to accept her mistake. Even while Pooja Bhatt confronted her that it turned into very wrong of Jiya to do this type of issue that would virtually affect a person’s health. She retaliated, “Thoda sa hello milaya tha, usmein kya hua.”

Each captaincy task inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house is popping entertaining. In the stay circulation, Elvish was given a project to order all of the contestants to do things that he wishes them to do until the buzzer hits. Amid some thrilling and interesting dares, Elvish asked Jiya to get him a glass of cold water.

At first, Jiya did not visit get water and whilst she went she were given him a glass of water combined with hand wash. While Elvish took some sips, Jiya ran to tell Avinash what she did. Avinash stated, “You need to have combined salt, he could have spat the water then.” Jiya said, “The hand wash is floating and he still had it, such a dumb man.” In the kitchen, Elvish realised the water changed into combined with cleaning soap.

Elvish confronted Jiya, she became like, “Kuch bhi toh nahi dala hai.” Elvish stated, “Sach batao, kya dala hai.. Piyo isse” Jiya stored refusing to drink the water, and when Elvish caught her she said, “Kisi ne theek se dhoya nahi hoga, main jhoota nahi peeti kisika.” Elvish threw the water and Jiya left laughing at him.

Elvish faced her and so did Abhishek to which Jiya pounced returned on them. Jiya persisted fighting and instigating Elvish. All of them instructed Jiya that she changed into incorrect but she refused to accept it.

Pooja Bhatt and Jad requested Elvish who did this to him and he discovered Jiya, at the same time as speaking he stated, ‘Yeh toh zeher deke maar de mujhe’. Falaq tells Jiya that she did incorrect however Jiya refuses to just accept that it was wrong. Later, Jiya apologised to Elvish.

A user wrote, “Fact:- If you swallowed the cleaning soap, ache or swelling in your throat and for your lips. You may additionally: enjoy signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Start to vomit again and again, which might also consist of vomiting blood. More Power to #Elvisyadav #ShameOnJiya”

Another wrote, “Elvish stated he continually talks to Jiya with love and he is aware of she’s now not fearful of everyone, Elvish Always Think Positive But Jiya”

Many fanatics weren’t satisfied with this pass of Jiya.



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