Bigg Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani talks to Bebika Dhurve approximately her first dating, says “He wanted to marry me however I desired my profession first”

Bigg Boss OTT 2 has reached its finale week, the contestants are actually on the threshold of turning into the finalists of the display and only a week away from the trophy. Now, Manisha Rani were given candid approximately her courting and had a coronary heart to heart verbal exchange with Bebika Dhurve. Here’s what she said:

In the stay streaming of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Manisha Rani and Bebika Dhurve have a heartfelt conversation approximately their beyond relationships. Bebika requested Manisha about her excellent moments in a relationship to which she shared that her first boyfriend wanted to marry her however at that second she wanted to make her profession.

Manisha Rani talks about her first courting with Bebika Dhurve. She revealed that she desired to marry the fellow but they were not on the equal web page with their lives.

Bebika asked, “Have there been any of the dates which you felt had been the pleasant?” Manisha stated, “My first courting changed into the high-quality. I have had simplest two critical relationships and my first one become very special. We have been perfect for each other and happy however our lives were not on the equal page.”

Manisha delivered, “We had been in Kolkata and I changed into younger. He changed into the eldest son with six siblings and I was the youngest amongst 7 siblings. He turned into very keen on marrying me however at that point, I failed to need to marry and my focus changed into career. I wanted to make a career out of my talent. Maybe he might have understood however  a circle of relatives has expectancies from their daughter-in-regulation. I might have turn out to be the first-rate bahu however I wanted to first cognizance on my dreams.”

Manisha also shared that he was a little possessive too, she said, “He become possessive, he might get angry with the photographer when I used to go for the shoots, restrict me from sporting some thing. He did accept as true with me however he didn’t agree with the age we had been in. So we had to element ways. It was a long courting, I knew him from the 12th grade. We didn’t need to leave every different but we desired various things from lifestyles.”

Bebika heard her patiently and later shared approximately her past dating, pronouncing, “I also had a boyfriend who become possessive. I needed to depart him.” Manisha introduced, “In this career, we need a person who trusts us and knows our work.”