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"Chandu Champion: A Spirited Biopic Lifted by Kartik Aaryan's Performance"

Chandu Champion: A Spirited Biopic Lifted by Kartik Aaryan’s Performance

Chandu champion

Directed by the acclaimed Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion is a biopic that chronicles the extraordinary journey of Murlikant Petkar, an athlete whose unwavering spirit propelled him to sporting glory despite facing numerous obstacles. Released on June 14, 2024, the film has garnered mixed reviews, with praise directed towards Kartik Aaryan’s performance and criticism aimed at the film’s predictable narrative.

Budget and Box Office:

While the official budget of Chandu Champion hasn’t been disclosed, trade analysts estimate it to be in the range of ₹50-₹60 crore. The film’s opening day collection was ₹4.75 crore, considered underwhelming compared to Kabir Khan’s previous ventures. However, its performance in the following weeks will determine its overall success.

Public Reception:

Audience reviews for Chandu Champion are divided. Many appreciate Kartik Aaryan’s portrayal of Murlikant, highlighting his dedication to the role.

Kartik Aaryan delivers a career-best performance, capturing the essence of Murlikant’s innocence, determination, and resilience,”  reads a review from the Times of India.

However, some viewers find the film’s narrative predictable and reliant on sports biopic tropes.

“Chandu Champion performs during intense moments but its light interludes remain functional. The storytelling is derivative and didactic,” critiques The New Indian Express.

Kartik Aaryan’s Transformation:

Kartik Aaryan, known for his comedic roles, underwent a significant physical transformation for Chandu Champion. He shed weight and trained extensively to portray Murlikant convincingly. This dedication is evident on screen, as Aaryan seamlessly embodies the character’s journey from a young, raw athlete to a determined champion.

  • “Kartik Aaryan brings an endearing innocence to Murlikant,” notes a review on YouTube.

A Spirited Underdog Story:

Chandu Champion tells the true story of Murlikant Petkar, a young man from rural Maharashtra with a passion for wrestling. The film chronicles his rise through the ranks of Indian athletics, showcasing his transition from wrestling to boxing and eventually swimming. Throughout his journey, Murlikant faces numerous challenges, including poverty, discrimination, and a life-altering injury during the Indo-Pakistani War. Despite these setbacks, his unwavering determination and fighting spirit propel him towards achieving sporting excellence.

Kabir Khan’s Direction:

Kabir Khan, known for films like “Chak De! India” and “Bajirao Mastani,” brings his experience with sports dramas to Chandu Champion. The film’s strength lies in its portrayal of Murlikant’s indomitable spirit and the emotional journey he undertakes.

However, some critics feel the film relies heavily on clichés and melodramatic moments typically associated with sports biopics.


Chandu Champion is a well-intentioned biopic that celebrates the unwavering spirit of its protagonist. While the narrative may not break new ground, Kartik Aaryan’s committed performance and the inspirational story of Murlikant Petkar make the film an engaging watch. Whether the film achieves commercial success remains to be seen, but it certainly leaves a lasting impression with its message of perseverance and the power of the human will.



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