Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Common face mask problem and how to fix them- Wearing face mask

Wearing a face mask in public is all about social responsibilities, protecting others from your germs more than protecting you from them, especially as the virus primarily spread from person to person.But wearing mask all the time can come with its own related annoyance like foggy glasses, not being able to eat or drink in public, and many other skin problems.Face mask can protect user from an infection or foreign bodies that travel through air. However, we should also bear in mind the potential side effect of wearing face mask. those who have to wear masks for long hours may start to experience challenges, such as difficulty in breathing, skin irritations, sweating, and the feeling of being trapped. But that should not deter you from adhering to government’s guidelines.

Let us point down some potential side effects of wearing mask.•Perioral dermatitis- When vapour , saliva, Moisture gets stuck between the mask and skin it causes a return dermatitis which lead to rashes, redness, scaling near the nose area.•Change in the skin pigment- Skin pigment might change as a result of excessive rashes, repeative friction and dry skin.•Itchy rashes- It is a type of contact irritant dermatitis, which is caused either due to excess sweat or dryness.•Sores on the nose and behind the ears- Long time usage of mask can cause sores on the nose and behind the ears as the elastic pressure starts to hurt these areas.•Hives- It is an allergic skin reaction that occurs due to multiple reasons,, Causing itchy swollen pill red bumps on your skin with burning or stinging pain on the skin.How to protect yourself from side effect of wearing a face maskFollow some Henry tips and you can overcome the above issues.•Drink lots of water to avoid acne and dryness of skin.•Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.•Do not use any kind of face packs or chemicals if you have a rash on the skin.•If you have oily skin, keep washing your face at regular intervals.•If you are constant user of mask, massage your face with good replenishing moisturizer at bedtime.•Use moisturizing body soaps and face wash.•Keep using antifungal dusting powders to avoid fungal infection in sweaty, moist region.•Wash and moisturize around your earlobes regularly.•Do not wear makeup while wearing face mask.Wearing a face mask is the “new normal” and this is going to continue for quiet long time, thus during this time it is important for all of us to take appropriate precautions and ensure everyone safety and well being.! We should continue to focus on our first priority which is- fighting the virus.Follow these tips and tricks to avoid your challenges while wearing face mask.

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