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"Dress fabulously according to your Body Shape"

In this trend and fashion oriented century, it is very important to dress according to your body type. Understanding the body type you have is very crucial because it helps you to find the type of clothes which will suit you the best. Also wearing clothes according to your type highlights your best features and also makes you feel confident among people. This is the reason why ‘Fashion Gurus’ always advise you first on your body type and then the dressing you should go for.

As we already know that every person’s body is very unique and different. So it becomes much more important to style according to the differentiating feature your body has. As per the trends it is important to know how to dress for your specific body shape which can help you to make certain choices of patterns or styles which would look the best on you. Let’s know about kind of clothes they should go for:

  1. Apple Shaped Body: if we talk about Apple shaped bodies then they tend to carry weight around their midsection also they have slimmer legs and hips. So basically here to make a difference. It is important to create a defined waistline. If you have an Apple shaped body you should go for wrap dresses & tops or flowy dresses and tops around the stomach area with some fitted bottoms highlighting your legs.

  2. Rectangular body: Rectangular body shape has straight shoulders, waist and hips that are in similar proportions. So here all we have to do is create a sort of illusion of curves by adding some volume and definition around the curves of the body. For this you can try peplum tops, structured jackets and ruffled tops and blouses. Also here use of belts can make your look much better and define. It will also add some feminine curves to your body.

  3. Pear shaped body: if we talk about pear shaped body then it is basically characterised as wider hips and thighs as compared to bust and the shoulders. The best kind of clothes for a pear shaped body can be line skirts or dresses and wide leg pants with fitted tops. It is basically done to balance out the proportions of the body and to draw attention to the upper body rather than the bottom part. Also highlighting your shoulders and neckline with some kind of statement top or jewellery can also enhance your look.

  4. Hourglass body: We all know about what hourglass is but the basic features of our glass body are defined as waist with shoulders and hips in proportion to it. If you have a glass body you must try belted jackets, high waist bottoms and wrap dresses cause all they are gonna do is enhance the curves you have. Also you should look for such garments which can enhance the natural curve you have.

  5. Inverted triangle body: Inverted triangle body shape sounds tricky but it also is a very prominent body shape it is characterised as a broad shoulder with narrow waist and hips. If you are a person with this kind of body shape you must go for white leg pants, skirts with some kind of ruffles of pleats in it. Also here pattern or textured bottles are cherry on top. For tops and open neckline dresses which will also create an illusion of a narrow upper body.

So this is all you should know about different body types and dressing sense as it will help you to stand out among people. By understanding your body type it becomes quite easier to shop the stuff which would look good on you as per your body. All this knowledge is to let you embrace your unique body shape and then choose the clothes which will make you feel much more comfortable and confident at the same time.



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