GuruDakshina : a new venture by Mr. Shashish Kumar Tiwari

Bihar’s National Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer and YouTuber Mr. Shashish Kumar Tiwari has recently started a unique mission named: Gurudakshina.

It was only after winning the National Public Speaking Championship held in Gurugram in March that he had the idea that he would run an online campaign for thousands of people to learn English and public speaking in the coming times.

When he announced GuruDakshina Mission on Facebook on 18 July, the goal was to teach a thousand people for free; but within a day,more than 1,000 people joined the Telegram group and as a result 10,000 people were given freebies in this mission.  The target of teaching English and Public Speaking was set in the year and then within 7 days.10,000 people from all over the country joined this mission.

After the launch of Facebook group GuruDakshina on 2nd August at 7 pm, people will be able to watch videos of classes. Very soon they are going to launch their app and people can learn through GuruDakshina App.

Considering the importance of English and public speaking in the 21st century, everyone should be encouraged to join this campaign.

Further, if more than 10,000 people have to be taught for free, then Shashish Kumar Tiwari and his team have made all the preparations for it.

Mr Shashish Kumar Tiwari is born and brought up in Gopalganj, Bihar.A conversation with him revealed a lot more about him. His basics education is from State Government school. He was the topper in Class 8th board conducted by BSEB and this made his parents to shift him to CBSE board school but unfortunately this move didn’t work for him. He dropped it and came to BSEB and is a ideal icon for BSEB students. He is a free style fun loving person who motivates people with in his fun style. His mission GuruDakshina is something which can be the next big mission from Bihar.