Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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How to stay healthy in the quarantine

Who else doesn’t love fit and attractive body. But in this pandemic, those busy schedules at home and laziness to exercise, have made us losing our fitness and health. So, for being fit and staying healthy, we have to add some new habits in our routine.

First of all, don’t take exercise as a burden, otherwise you will definitely leave it unfinished. You’ve to enjoy the pain of the gain i.e., the pain of burning muscles will give you the fit body. And when you’ll realise this feeling, you can’t stop yourself from working out.


Now, the question comes, how to start a day with new schedule. So for this question, here are some tips:

  • Analyse your schedule

You’ve to analyse your works and make the time available for workouts.

  • Split the timings

If you’ve a busy schedule and won’t have time to exercise at one time, then split the timings like half in the morning and half in the evening.

  • Avoid heavy workouts

On the very first day, no doubt you’ll be able to do more workout but after that you’ll suffer a lot of pain, which will surely affect your mind and gradually your interest will reduce.

  • Challenge a friend 

It would be fun if you challenge your friend and set a target. This step will be beneficial for both of you.

  • Preference to stairs

Over lift and stairs, prefer the stairs. It will help you burn extra calories.

  • A balanced diet 

A balanced diet is a key factor of being healthy. If you are doing workouts and not taking the balanced diet, then all your workouts will be of no use. Add fruits to your diet and avoid spicy and oily food.

  • Plenty of water

Drink plenty of water time to time and keep your body hydrated.

  • Meditation

You have to save at least 10 minutes for meditation, because meditation will keep your mind healthy. And obviously, a healthy mind will boost your performance.

  • Be emotionally fit

Not only physical and mental health affect the body but also the emotional health does. So it’s necessary to be fit emotionally also. So, if you are alone and feeling emotionally weak, then make a call to your friend. This will support you emotionally.

  • Take proper rest

Yeah, this is the last but don’t give it less importance. Sleep has the potential to change things. So, take the proper rest. Before going to bed, keep aside your phone, that’ll give less stress to your eyes.

That’s all about personal health, you have to be socially fit also. You should take care of the public places, maintain proper hygiene and respect people around you. If you’re fit in all the ways i.e., physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, only then you would be called healthy.


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