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"How to store ginger for a long time"​

How to store ginger for a long time

The hovering prices of ginger has multiplied the want of storing ginger well so that it is able to be used accurately for a long time. However, just like different ingredients, it’s miles no less than a undertaking to maintain the freshness of ginger. Here are a few genius hacks to save and retain the freshness of ginger for an extended period.

Choose fresh ginger

While shopping ginger, always choose company, smooth, and plump ginger rhizomes. Avoid ginger which have a gentle, wrinkled texture or molds, this can result in quicker spoiling of ginger.

Do no longer put off the pores and skin

In case you’re storing dried ginger, make certain that the peel is not eliminated as the skin allows hold its freshness. The pores and skin acts as a defensive barrier.


Fresh ginger can be saved in the fridge to lengthen its shelf life. Place the whole ginger or unpeeled pieces in a resealable plastic bag or airtight field. Make sure to cast off any excess air from the bag before sealing it. This will assist prevent moisture buildup, which could result in mould.

Dried ginger

Another manner of storing ginger is with the aid of cleaning and dehydrating them in an oven or air fryer, this could be powdered and used as a spice.

Wrap and freeze

Place the peeled and sliced ginger on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Freeze till the portions are company. Then, transfer the frozen ginger to an airtight field or freezer-secure bag.



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