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"Indomitable Susan With HIV"

Indomitable Susan With HIV

“True education is to learn how to think, not what to think.”

“Education is different. Qualification is external and education is internal.”

“Indomitable Susan With HIV: An Epitome Of Motherhood and Women empowerment by  Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay ”

As the name given to this book by the author perfectly fits with the story of this book. The title and concept of this story is amazing. Characters are well portrayed by the author. Language is simple and lucid and easy to read and understand by the readers. The story revolves around the central character who is Susan. Being a male author he intelligently portrayed each and every part of this story keeping in mind about female protagonist. When she was only seven years, she lost her best friend and then her father who left behind three children and his wife.

Susan went through these different phases and faces every challenge that comes her way. She; however, deals with all problems including gender bias, unceremoniously marriage, her husband’s mental health, family issues, financial difficulties, job problems, compromising dreams, her husband’s life-threatening ailment like infection with HIV and the list goes on till the end. But she never fed up and always gave her best in all fields whether it’s in womanhood or in motherhood. Being a typical Indian homemaker woman and what consequences she faced in her childhood from her family or by her mother after father’s death. She never gave any pressure of these on her one and only girl child and left her for higher studies after B.Tech and also taught her driving during graduation. Later she sent her foreign for higher degrees and later on she settled there. Reading this whole story gave me goosebumps and pushed me to think about her that how she held silent but challenging journey in her life. She sets a perfect example of women empowerment and liberty. It will help you to understand the hidden and silent revolution that takes place in a common woman’s heart with personal sacrifice, compromises and tolerance.

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I will suggest this book for beginners. This book has enclosed the topic like HIV, mental health and illness or consequences of these diseases and how our society treats survivors. This story again explained the struggle of an Indian woman as a daughter, wife, and mother. I appreciate the author’s work and imagination of this plot and how he poured down his thoughts in this book. I can tell you that this book will tell you not only about the dark side of life but also about the brighter side of life.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:-

“The God created a man, the man created caste; the God created a river and the man created pipes; the God created flowers and the man created bonsai. Whatever is created by the man is small and artificial.”

“There are two types of living. One is fear-oriented and the second one is love-oriented.”

“Life itself is like a series of hundred meter race. Nobody can afford to take even a single stretch lightly. Since Sanjay took life easily for that the resultant was staying in a slum in spite of being a scholar.”

“In this life, your comfort is inversely proportional to the number of wrong decisions taken by you. If you do not take any wrong decision, you are bound to be comfortable. A correct decision is hundred times more important and effective than hard work.”

“Two great attributes of human nature are faith and strength. Without these two, no one can succeed in any venture whatever it might be.”

“What is the basic difference between sight and vision? All of us have a sight but most of us lack vision. One who can foresee the future is a visionary.”

“Free people do not know the value of freedom because anything received free of cost is least cared for.”

“If you don’t practice for one month, the audience will realize, if you do not practice for one week the family members will realize and if you do not practice only for one day at least you will realize.”

“The main role of the society is only to criticize you. You can throw a party, spend lakhs of rupees, still you cannot win the minds of people. At any cost, they would find some faults. If you put a black dot over a white paper then a normal person must enjoy the white background, but a negative minded person would look at the black dot only.”

“No society could go ahead unless the women of that society become educated in true sense.”

What were the issues with Susan? Why this was happening? How Susan fought? Will she able to cope up with her married life? Will she tackle all the phases that will come in her life? Grab the book to know all these.

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