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"Nishtha Shrivastava: Let’s know this Indian novelist and fiction writer."

“I believe in perseverance, hard work, patience and self marketing.” Says Nishtha Shrivastava

Nishtha Shrivastava: Let’s know this Indian novelist and fiction writer.

Her debut novel, Rakshabandhan- The fading bonds of faith, has fetched the Aagaz Awards for the best Fictional Novel.

Born on 5th July, 1994 Nishtha Shrivastava completed her graduation in technology as her parents believed that she should have a strong educational base.

“My habit of penning my thoughts had early roots, which always made me inclined towards writing.”  Nishtha tells us this as she shares with us the secret of an engineer turning into an author.

Nishtha’s been crowned as Miss India Vivacious 2020 and Miss India Shining Star 2020. She is a stage performer and works for an Multinational Company.

Inspired by Ruskin Bond and Bashir Badr she prefers to be known as an author despite the wide variations as to her education, job profile and hobbies.

“Reading definitely influences writing and writing in turn touches a person spiritually. Writing evolves one as a human with better understanding, gives one peace of mind.” She believes religiously.

When we asked her if she owed the success of her novel to real people in life, she was honest enough accept that some of her characters actually were inspired by real people and she humbly extend her gratitude to them.

And what was the hardest part to write?

“I get very deep into the character, so I was actually living Nisha, then. The depth got real hard for me and I’d to even omit some parts of chapter 7.”

One thing you’d to give up for your book, Rakshabandhan?

“I’d to make a Japan trip as a part of my work, but Rakshabandhan was to be launched in the same dates; and I don’t regret at all choosing the release.”

“Writing makes me even more energized rather than getting exhausted. It actually relaxes me.” Nishtha shares with our readers.

Any words of encouragement for budding writers?

“I believe in perseverance, hard work, patience and self marketing. Aspiring writer should not bother about people, as people are not static but dynamic. One should be firm and true to oneself.”

About her next book, Nishtha Shrivastava reveals exclusively to DeMist readers; that it touches the topic of grandparents as she loves to convey messages that are differently handled.

Nishtha Shrivastava dedicates her success to her mother.

“I was never sure of myself but It’s only because of her efforts and faith in me that I’m at this position today.”

About DeMist Nishtha Shrivastava feels that she’s touched by our efforts for writers.

“This is one of interviews which made me feel special. In the world of authors appreciation is very much required to move ahead, and that is exactly what you guys are doing. My best wishes for your team. May you keep on doing this good work for many many aspirants.”

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