Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Problems in Indian Education System

According to Rob Lynes, former director of the British Council of India, the Indian school system is one of the largest and most complex in the world. The complexity of the education system also demands maintainance of standards and uniformity. We cannot ignore the fact that the Indian government and institutions have been working to reform the existing education model. However, there are still several issues in education system of our country which are required to be eradicated ASAP.

  • There is a wide gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. The education provided in our country has followed a basic curriculum always. Besides the practical knowledge, they focused mainly on theoretical knowledge. Only a small percentage is given for practical paper.
  • The schools must be encouraged to use conceptual learning method this will help students to understand the concepts better without mugging up, they will also be able to retain and apply them better.
  • Education institutions should also focus equally on sports, arts and personality developments. Education must be enhanced with lots of new techniques and trainings.  The stereotype mind of providing only knowledge and degree must not be entertained much. 
  • Only academics qualifications must not define the student’s depth of knowledge. Pressure of marks often makes student underperform. This has pushed back many skillful students infront of qualified students. They need to be given chance on the basis of their classroom participation, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities.
  • Our education system still gives unequal importance to different subjects. Here science tops the list whereas arts, commerce, languages and communications are looked down and are not considered high-profile. There is a need to give equal respect and importance to every subject.
  • We are living in an era which is full of technology, in such situation technology and education system cannot be kept apart. Students must be taught about technology right from the early years of their education so that it does appear as a complete new thing in the later educational phases in their lives.
  • Nowadays teachers have got the mindset of completing the syllabus regardless of students getting enough knowledge or not. They should be imparted best class training. In addition to good knowledge educators must have good experience too.
  • No-one is unaware of the dirty business going on in our country on the name of education. Presently, taking high fees and giving almost nothing on the name of education is a common practice. Even in high profile government institutions seat are given to ineligible students having strong financial or political background whereas underprivileged deserving students having weak financial background remain underdogs. Education must be served not for money or self beneficial, but for welfare of each and every student.

Every student has equal right to get quality education irrespective of their regional, financial or political background.

If the Indian education system starts taking these points into serious consideration, we can attain the level of the best education system in the world. It is high that we as a country, start taking education above the mediocre level that we have been engrained with and perceive education from the holistic approach.

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