Oh my god! You are so young but started having skin problem at only this early age.   “30” sounds horrible in case of age! The age brings the fear of getting wrinkles and fine lines on your face. You get more worried about your skincare and in this concern, you just start using many products without thinking of your skin. Relax, don’t be afraid, we are here to suggest you basic skincare products you must use to keep your skin glowing.   And here we go;   Gentle cleanser: Yaa, we know you are using many exfoliator to clean your skin, but sometimes it affects your skin adversely like your skin gets dry. It’s okay to use scrubs time to time, you can’t use it everyday otherwise you’ll lose your real skin. Don’t let the product harsh on your skin. So, it’s better to use a gentle cleanser every morning to remove the oil and dirt from the face. Vitamin C serum: Vitamin C serum is filled up with antioxidants for an added layer for sun protection. You should know the fact that sunscreen doesn’t completely block the entry of rays. The UV rays can penetrate the sunscreen. Wearing vitamin C serum underneath the sunscreen will help in neutralising radicals. You’ll find many sunscreens claiming that they contain antioxidants but they never prove it, then why to take the risk, you must apply vitamin C serum under your sunscreen. It has one more advantage: collagen production. Daily sunscreen: There are many sunscreens available in the market but it’s on you to buy which will give you even finish. Always pick one with a broader spectrum than SPF 30 or higher. Before you use, you must give a look to the ingredients. The sunscreen should contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which help in creating a nice and even finish. An eye cream: The eyes: how delicate they are! The skin around the eyes is also delicate and thinner. So you have to pay more attention to that area. Maybe, no wrinkles appear there, but with time, you’re going to blame yourself for not treating them.  You should make a habit of applying an eye cream without any delay. Rotate creams with different active ingredients that can work out differently in the layers of your skin. Start with an eye cream that has a little retinol to build collagen and once you finish the jar, switch to a more hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid. Body polish: Exfoliation of the body will lead to dry skin. So, exfoliation must be followed by a gentle body polish. A body polish will keep your body hydrated and you will feel fresh all the day.